YVLGA Trophy - Autumn Meeting (Div 1)
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Presented by the Association. This is played on the same day in conjunction with the Ethel Hartley Trophy

Five Club Competition. Best nett score for handicaps 25-36

Now Autumn Meeting Division 1 

                5 Club 25-36 handicap


 1997  Mrs A Parkin (Boothferry)
 1998  Mrs K A Wallace (Boothferry)
 1999  Mrs J Griffith (Pannal)
 2000  Mrs M Wheelhouse (Moortown)
 2001  Mrs E B Heathwaite (Scarcroft)
 2002  Mrs P Coyle (Rawdon)
 2003  Mrs V Crawshaw (Stocksbridge)
 2004  Mrs S J Lund (Keighley)
 2005  Mrs D Brown (West Bradford)
 2006  Mrs M Sellars (Abbeydale)
 2007  Mrs P Hollingworth (Crow Nest Park)
 2008  Mrs D Twomey (Low Laithes)
 2009  Mrs M Bleasdale (Harrogate)
 2010  Mrs E Morgan (Rawdon)
 2011  Mrs D Eades (Harrogate)
 2012  Mrs J Redfern (Otley)
 2013  L Moore (York)
 2014  J Hawkins (Fulford)
 2015  K Kershaw (Horsforth)


 D Dennison (Ripon City)

 2020  Not played - Covid 19
 2021  Diana Hornby (Hessle)
 2022  Jane Oliver (Abbeydale)
 2023  Caroline Barker ( Hornsea)