YVLGA Spring Trophy

YVLGA Spring TrophyBack to Archives 

Presented by the Association for a second Spring Meeting
A stableford competition for players with a handicap between 17 and 36
2018 - Became Spring Meeting Individual Stableford

 1990  Mrs V Whittaker (Hillsborough)
 2005  Mrs G Lownsbrough (Malton & Norton)
 1991  Mrs P Adler (Moor Allerton)
 2006  Mrs H P Gott (York)
 1992  Mrs P A Lazenby (Otley)
 2007  Mrs C Briggs (Alwoodley)
 1993  Mrs M McMahon (Headingley)
 2008  Mrs J Phillips (The Manor)
 1994  Mrs B Patrick (Hillsborough)
 2009  Mrs D Ledger (Richmond)
 1995  No Competition
 2010  G Bissatt (Roundhay)
 1996  Mrs L Gregory (Oakdale)
 2011  J Livesey (Outlane)
 1997  Mrs A Parkin (Boothferry Park)
 2012  L Nichol (Harrogate)
 1998  Mrs J Danzey (Scarcroft)
 2013  Mrs V Sykes (Woodsome Hall)
 1999  Miss J Hellowell (Halifax Bradley Hall)
 2014  Mrs A Wood (Flaxby)
 2000  Mrs J Oversy (Skipton)
 2015  Ms C Mosley (Forest Park)
 2001  Mrs V Kellett (Hornsea)
 2016  Mrs J Wood (Woodsome Hall)
 2002  Mrs M Hardy (Meltham)
 2017  Mrs T Cooper (Howley Hall)
 2003  Mrs P A Taylor (Doncaster)
 2018  Mrs M Gledhill (Scarcroft)
 2004  Mrs M Martin (Moor Allerton)
 2019  Helen Russell (Woodsome Hall)
   2020 Not played - Covid 19