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(Updated 18 October 2018)

24 March - 1st Team v YLCGA Mid-Ams @ Huddersfield GC

14 April 1st Team v YLCGA 2nd Team - Wetherby GC

21 April - Team Trials - Huddersfield GC

9/10 June - 1st Team RT Match v Northumberland - HuddersfieldGC

30 June/1 July - 1st Team RT Match v Durham - Huddersfield GC

7/8July - 1st Team RT Match v Cheshire - Royal Liverpool GC

16/17 July - 1st Team RT Match v Cumbria - Ulverston GC

24/25July - 1st Team RT Match v Lancashire - West Lancashire GC

2nd Team v Derbyshire - TBC

2nd Team v YLCGA Mid-Ams 2nd Team - Oakdale GC TBC



On a perfect day for golf, the two teams met at Huddersfield Golf Club on Sunday 2nd September. Huddersfield Ladies Captain Elect welcomed everyone on behalf of the club and once again Brenda Parker provided us with some beautiful table decorations of white roses.
I spent a lovely day with the YLCGA President Ann McMullen, our Captain Sarah and our President Jo, watching some super golf played by both teams.
Although we lost the match they were all very close, in fact 3 finishing on the 18th.
A fantastic day was enjoyed by all, good golf, good friends and good food. What more can you ask for!

Anne Taylor & Julia Smith halved with Emma Taylor & Chantelle Shaw
Val Swales & Elaine McGregor lost 1 down to Jayne Helliwell & Amanda Kilner
Fiona Wood & Anne Flintoff won 2&1 against Sarah Bailey & Julie Parry
Karen Leake & Sue Smith lost 1 down to Jo Wild & Christina Warr

Overall result YVLGA 2nd Team 1.5 points and YLCGA Mid Ams 2.5 points

Finally my thanks to all the 2nd Team players who have represented us this year, it has been an absolute pleasure being your Captain.

Sandra Paul

YVLGA Vice Captain 2018

                                                Both Teams                                                                     Chantelle Shaw/Julia Smith/Anne Taylor & Emma Taylor

           Elaine McGregor/Val Swales/Amanda Kilner/Jayne Helliwell                        Anne Flintoff/Fiona Wood/Sarah Bailey/Julie Parry

                      Christine Warr/Jo Wild/Karen Leake/Sue Smith                                            Jo Somers/Ann McMullen/Sarah Arrowsmith/Sandra Paul
                                                                                                                               YVLGA President/YLCGA President/YVLGA Captain/YVLGA Vice Captain

                             Oooh, putt just slides by!                                                                                    Jo Somers/Anne McMullen/Sandra Paul
                                                                                                                                           YVLGA President/YLCGA President/YVLGA Vice Captain


Wednesday 1st August 2018

(Yorkshire Day)


 On Wednesday 1st August I welcomed the Derbyshire Vets team to Huddersfield Golf Club for our annual match. It was Yorkshire Day and thanks to Brenda Parker we had lovely white rose flower arrangements in the foyer and on the dining tables for us.

After the bacon butties and coffee the matches began and as is traditional the YVLGA Captain and Vice Captain lead out the team. The weather was perfect, the course was in great condition and everyone enjoyed the 4BBB matches which were fiercely contended and played in great spirit by both teams.

Afterwards we had drinks on the terrace, new friends were made and laughter was in abundance. After a lovely meal and speeches made, the Derbyshire Captain announced the result of 6.5 to 0.5 to Yorkshire, a resounding victory!

Sandra Paul & Sarah Arrowsmith beat Kay Kearton & Christine Cole, 4/3
Melody Svenson & Jackie Starkie beat Sandra Walters & Pat Holloway, 2 up
Elaine Pearson & Lynda Ireland beat Gill Lockwood & Aly Connell, 5/3
Fiona Wood & Anne Flintoff beat Sandra Maxwell & Shelagh Lancaster, 1 up
Elaine McGregor & Val Swales halved with Mary Annable & Cynthia Machent
Tracey Batty & Sue Smith beat Mel Prime & Judy Reynolds, 5/4
Mary Pat Moore & Alison Clarke beat Janet Thomas & Carol Gladwin, 2 up

Thanks to my team, I was very proud of you all!
Sandra Paul (YVLGA Vice Captain 2018)

      Kay Kearton & Christine Cole - Sandra Paul & Sarah Arrowsmith                                                         Mr Paul tees off.....

      Pat Holloway & Sandra Walters - Melody Svenson & Jackie Starkie                         Lynda Ireland & Elaine Pearson - Gill Lockwood & Aly Connell

      Fiona Wood & Anne Flintoff - Sandra Maxwell & Shelagh Lancaster                     Elaine McGregor & Val Swales - Mary Annable & Cynthia Machent

           Tracey Batty & Sue Smith - Mel prime & Judy Reynolds                               Alison Clark & Mary Pat Moore - Janet Thomas & Carol Gladwin

                                                                                       Enjoying after golf refreshments on the patio at Fixby Hall

YVLGA v YLCGA 2nd Team @ Hessle GC

Sunday 20th May 2018

We arrived at Hessle G C on a glorious sunny summers day with a little breeze.

Both teams were totally different from last year. The YVLGA Ladies 1st Team were unable to play due to other commitments. The YLCGA 2nd Team Girls who played last year were either now in their 1st Team or were in the middle of Exams.
The competition were 4 matches played as 4BBB off Scratch.
It was a delight to see these girls hit the ball will so little effort but the ball went miles and nearly aways straight.
This did not deter our ladies and all the matches were tight and the last match going to the 18th.

The matches were as follows:-
(YVLGA names first)

Beth Norton & Rachael Seal lost to Angela Morris (Brough) & Heather Staniforth (Hallamshire) 3/2
Emma Mysicek & Jess Hosking Beat Jackie Barraclough (East Bierley) & Mary Pat Moore (Bingley) 3/2
Christina Rumbelow & Poppy Rudd Lost to Anne Taylor (Woodsome Hall) & Val Swales (Hallamshire) 3/2
Jodie Hunsworth & Amy Nowell was A/S to Fiona Wood (Ilkley) & Elaine MacGregor Wakefield) A/S

The match finished a win to YVLGA 2.5 YLCGA 1.5

The match followed with a meal afterwards
Well done to the YVLGA

                       Heather Staniforth/Beth Norton/Rachel Seal/Angela Morris                            Jackie Barraclough/Mary Pat Moore/Emma Mysicek/Jess Hoskin

                        Anne Taylor/Val Swales/Christina Rumbelow/Poppy Rudd                           Elaine MacGregor/Fiona Wood/Jodie Hunsworth/Amy Nowell

         Heather Muir (YLCGA Vice Captain & Sarrah Arrowsmith (YVLGA Captain)                                          The YVLGA Team

 YVLGA v YLCGA Mid-Ams Team @ Woodsome Hall GC

Sunday 8th April 2018

Due to the adverse weather conditions prior to the match, much discussion took place whether we would be playing or not. Our Head Greenkeeper was always very positive and said of course we would be open on Sunday (as the stream across the 6th fairway was overflowing)

On a dull dry spring morning both teams arrives, to have Bacon Butties and tea or coffee before going out to play. It was ideal for golf as there was no wind and the temperature was just right. Wearing beige trousers was not a good idea and most players put their black waterproof trousers on

Kerry Lamb, Cath Lake, Anne Taylor, Karen Jobling

        Pat Wrightson, Katie Barraclough, Jayne Helliwell, Betty Sworowski                   Jackie Barraclough, Carol Simpson, Sarah Bailey, Karen Elliott

                   Sandra Paul, Judy Butler, Chantelle Shaw, Ruth Suffell                            Dawn Clegg (YLCGA Team Cptn), Jo Somers (YVLGA President)
                                                                                                                                        Sarah Arrowsmith (YVLGA Cpt), Helen Lilley (YLCGA Captain)

                                             The format for the match was 4 x 4BBB off scratch
                                                                 (YVLGA names first)

                                  Karen Jobling & Anne Taylor HALVED with Cath Lake & Kerry Lamb
                            Pat Wrightson & Betty Sworoski BEAT Jayne Helliwell & Katie Barraclough 4&3
                             Carol Simpson & Jackie Barraclough BEAT Sarah Bailey & Karen Elliott 9&7
                                  Judy Butler & Sandra Paul BEAT Ruth Suffell & Chantelle Shaw 1 Up

This was followed by a meal and Dawn Clegg the YLCGA Captain of the team announced the result with a win to the YVLGA 1st team 3.5 to 0.5 

                                                                    Sarah Arrowsmith                                                    Dawn Clegg and Helen Lilley

I would like to thank our President Jo Somers for coming to support our team and my Lady Captain Val Eastwood for her help on the day. Also it was nice to see the Yorkshire Captain Helen Lilley who came at the beginning and saw all the matches off before having to leave

Sarah Arrowsmith
YVLGA Captain 2018