9/10 June - Yorkshire v Northumberland - Huddersfield GC

30 June/1 July - Yorkshire v Durham - Huddersfield GC

7/8July - Yorkshire v Cheshire - Royal Liverpool GC

16/17 July - Yorkshire v Cumbria - Ulverston GC

24/25 July - Yorkshire v Lancashire - West Lancashire GC

5th Match v Northumberland (away) at Gosforth GC - 27 July 2018
Northumberland lost to Yorkshire 5 - 2

Yorkshire Team at Gosforth GC
L-R Mary Pat Moore, Karen Jobling, Pat Wrightson, Heather Staniforth,Sarah Arrowsmith (Captain),
Betty Sworowski, Sandra Paul (Vice Captain), Julie Wheeldon, Alison Clark, Jo Somers (President)

Match Report – Richardson Trophy
Friday 27th July 2018

Well I cannot believe this is our last match for the Richardson Trophy, time has just flown by.

The Officials, Team & Caddies all made their way to Gosforth Golf Club for our match against Northumberland.
We arrived in glorious weather for the Practice round but very much aware the weather conditions might change for Match Day.
Match Day arrived and we all had Tea/coffee/ Biscuits before the players & matches were announced.
Due to the change of weather once more we had to announce the use of the Klaxon and what the players were to do if it was used.
Fortunately the rain stopped the thunder disappeared and no Klaxon was used.
As usual the matches were played in tremendous spirit with some very close finishes.


Northumberland Names First.

Claire Brown v Pat Wrightson lost 4/3
Elaine Elliott v Karen Jobling won 5/4
Angie Heads v Julie Wheeldon won 5/3
Linda Hoyle v Betty Sworowski won 1 up
Christine Oliver v Sandra Paul won 4&3
Val Pesarra v Alison Clark won 3/2
Candy Brown v Heather Staniforth lost 4/2

 The overall result was a win for Yorkshire 2-5

After the match we were treated to a feast of a buffet meal which included chips.

After the speeches the players who were going to play in the Jamboree in Hexham were wished Good Luck.

              Northumberland Team at Gosforth GC                                    Yorkshire Squad at Gosforth GC

                        Yorkshire Coffee Time                                                                  Four In A Bed

Val Pessara & Alison Clarke Heather Staniforth & Candy Brown        Karen Jobling, Julie Wheeldon               Liz Hartley (N'land V Capt), Lynne Liddle (N'land
                                                                                                                              & Pat Wrightson                               Capt) & Jo Somers (Yorks President)



4th Match v Lancashire (home) at Woodsome Hall GC - 13th July 2018

Yorkshire beat Lancashire 4 - 3


             Chris Appleby & Julie Wheeldon                                Betty Sworowski & Susan Caton                                 Chris Stokes & Carol Simpson 
             Clare Seddon & Mary Pat Moore                                   Heather Staniforth & Carol Helme

                                                                       Janet Melville & Pat Wrightson                         Karen Jobling & Ann Lowe

                                                         Match Report – Richardson Trophy

We arrived at Woodsome Hall on a cloudy dull day and before we went out to play our matches, the rain arrived but was only light and stopped by mid morning.
Once again the match was tight and the 6th match went to the 18th.
Pat Wrightson beat Janet Melville 7&6, Karen Jobling beat Ann Lowe 2&1. Julie Wheeldon beat Chris Appleby 2&1, Betty Sworowski beat Susan Caton 3&2 Carol Simpson lost to Chris Stokes 3/2, Mary Pat Moore lost to Clare Seddon 1 down and finally the last pairing was Heather Staniforth who lost to Carol Helme 2&1.
The final result was Yorkshire 4 Lancashire 3.

Well done team
Following the match & team photos we all sat down to a 2 course meal before going home.


Pat Wrightson beat Janet Melville 7&6
Karen Jobling beat Ann Lowe 2&1
Julie Wheeldon beat Chris Appleby 2&1
Betty Sworowski beat Susan Caton 3&2
Carol Simpson lost to Chris Stokes 3&2
Mary Pat Moore lost to Claire Seddon 1 down
Heather Staniforth lost to Carol Helme 2&1


                        Yorkshire & Lancashire Teams                                               Yorks Capt & President - Sarah and Jo

            Caddy Rosie, Singing In The Rain.....                        Putting In The Rain.....                .... When will the rain stop?

           Woodsome Hall from the 18th                                 Putting on the 18th                            Yorkshire's Jamboree Trio

                                Unofficial Yorkshire Team Photo.....                        Unofficial Yorkshire & Lancashire Team Photo

                         .....and another unofficial team photo                                    Courtyard at Woodsome Hall


 3rd Match v Durham (away) at Brancepeth Castle  GC - 5 July 2018

Yorkshire lost to Durham 4 - 3

The Yorkshire Team


On a hot sunny morning we all arrived at Brancepeth Castle to play our match against Durham. Fortunately, as the day went on the clouds arrived and the temperature dropped which made it ideal to enjoy playing golf. It was a very close match which went to the last putt on the last green, with Durham winning 4 matches to 3.
After the match we all went into the clubhouse for a well earned drink and meal.
It was also my pleasure to present Heather Staniforth with her County Colours.

(Durham Names First)

Karen Lee beat Pat Wrightson 3&2
Marianne Moore beat Karen Jobling 1up
Sue Musgrave lost to Julie Wheeldon 4&3
Lyn Davison beat Carol Simpson 4&2
Julia Doughty halved with Sandra Paul
Rosie Preston halved with Heather Staniforth
Ruth Lindley lost to Betty Sworowski 4&3



                      The Durham Team                                                          Yorkshire & Durham Teams

           Karen Lee & Pat Wrightson                                          Karen Jobling & Marianne Moore                                      Julie Wheeldon & Sue Musgrave

   Lyn Davison & Carol Simpson              Julia Doughty & Sandra Paul                    Rosie Preston & Heather Staniforth           Betty Sworowski and Ruth Lindley

   Betty Sworowski & Heather Staniforth are presented with Team Colours by Sarah Arrowsmith (YVLGA Captain)

Chipping Practice Area / Yorkshire Caddy & Yorkshire President / Sandra Paul & Carol Simpson waiting to tee off


2nd Match v Cumbria (home) at Woodsome Hall GC - 11 June 2018

Yorkshire beat Cumbria 5 - 2

Match Report

We all arrived at Woodsome Hall Golf Club in glorious sunshine on the Sunday for the Practice day. Carefully watching the weather forecast for the next day, it had to be announced once again on the first tee that if there was any sign of thunder & lightening the klaxon would be used.

The day in fact was wonderful & ideal for playing golf, & after a dull start the sun came out & was ideal for golf.
The 1st match was between the 2 county champions Pat Wrightson & Janette McWhirter. It was a tightly fought match with very little in it but Pat lost on the 17th 2&1. The 2nd match was between Julie Wheeldon & Kathryn Bulman & Julie won 5&4. The 3rd match was between Karen Jobling & Nicola Tebbutt & Karen won 6&4. The 4th match between Carol Simpson & Brenda Ewbank was much tighter and Carol won on the 18th 2up. The 5th match between Sandra Paul & Rosie Waller was also tight, going to the 17th & Sandra winning 2&1. Heather Staniforth against Isobel Williams - this was a tight match finishing at the 16th, with Isobel the victor 3&1. Finally out last was Betty Sworowski against Alyson Wood & the match finished at the 14th with Betty winning 5&4

Overall, we beat Cumbria 5&2

Congratulations to the team

After the golf we had a photo call session with both teams & caddies, which was followed by a meal where there was a lot of talking & laughter.

Congratulations to all our team
Sarah Arrowsmith - YVLGA Captain

Pat Wightson & Jeanette McWhirter / Kath Bulman & Julie Wheeldon / Karen Jobling & Nicky Tebbutt

                         Brenda Ewbank & Carol Simpson / Rosie Waller & Sandra Paul / Isobel Williams & Heather Staniforth

                                  Alyson Wood & Betty Sworowski                                          The Cumbria Team                                         

                                                                                                               Yorkshire & Cumbria Teams

                                     1st Match v Cheshire (home) at Woodsome Hall GC - 1 June 2018

Yorkshire lost to Cheshire 4 - 3

  Friday 1st June 2018

The Yorkshire Team

 Report for the Richardson Trophy Match against Cheshire

Well, what a splendid 2 days we had weather wise. Having watched the weather forecast all week & thinking we would be having rain and thunderstorms on match day, it all blew over to the west. The match day came with beautiful blue sky & very little wind.

The Captains, Presidents, Vice Captains Players & Caddies arrived for Tea Coffee & Biscuits then the team matches were announced with their caddies. Our President Jo Somers set all the matches off.

What a tight game it was when the last match came up the 18th the match stood at 3 -3

Unfortunately, for Yorkshire. at that time we were 1 down & only managed to halve the hole so the final result was 4-3 to Cheshire.

Well done to my team for all their hard work. 

Yorkshire Name



Cheshire Name



Pat Wrightson



Barbara Jameison



Julie Wheeldon



Cath Rawthore



Karen Jobling



Caroline Berry



Carol Simpson



Gill Mellor



Betty Sworowski



Jane Burke



Heather Staniforth



Barbara Laird



Sandra Paul



Jeanne Bell

1 up








Signed: S Arrowsmith Signed B Laird

     Barbara Jamieson & Pat Wrightson / Cath Rawthore & Julie Wheeldon / Caroline Berry & Karen Jobling


 Gill Mellor & Carol Simpson / Jane Burke & Betty Sworowski  /  Heather Staniforth & Barbara Laird

                                           Sandra Paul & Jeanne Bell / Yorkshire & Cheshire Teams