Richmond (Yorks) Golf Club 




Yorkshire vs Northumberland

June 9/10 at Richmond (Yorks) Golf Club 


                       Our 2022 Mascot - Bailey!!!                          Lady Captain and President in the sunshine


On a sunny, but very windy morning in Richmond the YVLGA Richardson Trophy Team of the day took on Northumberland in the first match of the 2022 Season.  I am pleased to report that we won the match 5.5 - 1.5 and I would like to thank all the players for the quality of the golf considering the very difficult conditions.

The course was presented beautifully by the Greenkeepers and both teams were well fed and watered on both the practice and match day. 

Thank you to the players on both teams, caddies, supporters and our Team Mascot of 2022 pictured above!  The players were : Emma Brown, Karen Jobling, Bet Sworowski, Heather Biutcher, Julie Wheeldon, Pat Smillie and Sue Dye.

Sadly we did not manage a Team photo today as a couple of the players had to leave as soon as the match was completed but next time ............


Yorkshire vs Cumbria

June 19/20 at Furness Golf Club


 Back Row : Heather Butcher, Heather Staniforth, Emma Brown, President Gill Travis, MaryPat Moore, Vice Captain Pat Wrightson, Julie Wheeldon 

Front Row : Captain Penny Holroyd, Pat Smillie, Bet Sworowski, Karen Jobling 



Views of Furness Golf Club and the Lakeland Fells

On a glorious day our Richardson Trophy Team took to the links of Furness Golf Club.  The wind had been blowing strongly during our practise round, but this morning it was sunny and calm so a completely different course to that played yesterday.  I am pleased to report that again we won 5.5 - 1.5.  A great start to our season and I, again, must say thank you to the team for their efforts and for the wonderful camaraderie and support their show each other.  

Also thanks to our President, Gill Travis, our Vice Captain, Pat Wrightson and travelling reserve MaryPat Moore  - today they even went out trolley pulling!  Believe me, watching is far more stressful than playing!


Yorkshire vs Durham 

June 30/July 1 at Richmond (Yorks) Golf Club

After overnight rain the day dawned relatively sunny and with little wind - though as the day progressed this did begin to blow gustily and the rain started to fall as the last match got to the 18th. All 7 matches were tightly contested and played in a really friendly spirit.  I am delighted to say that our ladies again managed to win 4.5 - 2.5.  I also had the pleasure of presenting Pat Smillie with her team colours having today played in her 3rd Team Match.

Again, many thanks to Gill Travis, Pat Wrightson (Happy Birthday again! and enjoy your holiday and cake) and MaryPat Moore did a sterling job of trolley pulling.


  Julia Elliott and Karen Jobling                                     Karen Lee & Bet Sworowski                          Marianne Moore & Julie Wheeldon



          Sarah Hirst & Heather Butcher                                  Pat Smillie & Helen Robson                                 Heather Staniforth & Claire Miller 



 Louise Richardson & Sue Dye


Yorkshire vs Lancashire 

July 10/11 at Hesketh Golf Club

 On a sunny, warm morning in Southport the teams started out thinking it was only going to get hotter, luckily it didn't do so.  I think being quite near the coast was an advantage today.

I am pleased to say that Yorkshire won 5:2 in a series of very closely fought matches, 5 of which went to the 18th green.  Lancashire were great hosts and were magnanimous in defeat.

Many thanks again to Pat Wrightson and Gill Travis for trolley pulling and for Ros Lumb, Past President, for coming along to support. 




Yorkshire vs Cheshire 

July 31/August 1 at Bromborough Golf Club


We went over to Bromborough with a 0.5 point lead, knowing that all the games against Cheshire would be very tough. The weather was very kind for both our practice round and for the matches which kicked off at 0940 this morning - Yorkshire Day.  Very sadly, my magnificent players did not get that lucky bounce or putt that would have made all the difference to the result on the day and we ended up second best yet again.  In the end we lost 5:2, and ended up 0.5 points adrift.

I cannot thank the players this year enough for their commitment, a truly magnificent squad.  I must also thank our President, Gill Travis, my Vice Captain, Pat Wrightson and also our Past Captain, Karen Leake for their support and help during the year. 


 Karen Jobling vs Cath Rawthore            Bet Sworowski vs Caroline Berry          


Jeanne Bell vs Julie Wheeldon               Barbara Jamieson vs Heather Butcher


   Barbara Laird vs Heather Staniforth                Gill Mellor vs MaryPat Moore                                      



 Jane Burke vs Sue Dye