ETC (Available to purchase/order at all YVLGA Events)


                                                                    YVLGA Logo Ball Markers - £1.00 each

YVLGA Logo Cap Clips with Flat Magnetic Marker - £4.00 each

YVLGA Logo Flat Markers - £2.00 each

YVLGA Logo Cotton Accessory Bag - £8.50 each
(ideal for carrying Lithium Batteries, Sandwiches etc - hand over trolley handle) - available to order

YVLGA Logo Base Ball Caps in White - £10.00 each

YVLGA Logo Cotton Visor - £10.00 each

NCVLGA Logo Ball Markers with Spike - £2.00 each

NCVLGA Logo Lapel Badges - £2.00 each


                                           YVLGA Logo Cotton Base Ball Caps in White or Green - £10 each               YVLGA Logo Cotton Visor - £10 each


           YVLGA Uniform stock is available at most of the Vets' competitions and at the AGM

Items include Slip Overs, V Neck Jumpers & Crew Neck Jumpers

               It is mainly supplied to 1st & 2nd Team Players & Officials


Polo Shirt Sweater