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Precis of the Committee meeting held on 1st September 2018.

(to be approved & signed @ 20th October Committee Meeting)


* 2019 Competition Venues to be put on website ASAP.

* Spring Championship to remain as a Stableford for 17-40 handicaps.

* 9-Hole competition to remain as a 4 Ball Texas Scramble.

* Raffles; income from raffles in 2019 to be given to YLCGA Alison Nicholas Fund & also £50 to each host Clubs’ Lady Captains Charity for YVLGA Competition venues.

* All Competition Rules reviewed & updated showing format, handicap allowance & number of prizes.

* The Am-Am competitions would remain at 90% handicap allowance

* It was agreed that previous year’ trophy winners would not be given automatic entry if a ballot was required, to the following years competition.

* President’s Trophy held every 2 years to remain as a Tri-Am.


* Yorkshire won 3 out of 5 Richardson Trophy County Matches to finish 3rd overall (Beating Lancashire, Northumberland & Cumbria but losing to Cheshire & Durham). This year’s winners were Cheshire (again).

* New County Colours have been awarded to Betty Sworowski (Wath) & Heather Staniforth (Hallamshire) in 2019.


* The AGM will be held on Monday 15th October at Sand Moor GC @ 11am. Please support your Association & meet the 2019 Captain, your new Officials & Committee.

* The Committee discussed & agreed that it was not necessary to change the name of the Association from ‘Veteran’ to ‘Senior’ at this present time.

Club Representatives;

* Feedback from the informal meeting with Club Reps on Thursday 23rd August @ Pike Hills GC near York was both helpful & positive. 31 Club Reps attended & Notes of the meeting & the ‘Q&A’ session are available on the website.

Northern Vets (NCVLGA);

* Yorkshire players Karen Jobling & Julie Wheeldon were selected by the Northern Captain to play for the North at the Jamboree held at Hexham GC in August this year. The North finished runners-up (again) to win the Tony Moffatt Quaich with the South winning overall & receiving the Miller Stirling Trophy.

* The Northern Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th October 2018 at Moortown GC, which the YVLGA Captain & Secretary attend.

* A small working group met in July to organise the poster, entry form & programme for the Northern Championships to be held at Rotherham GC from 21st-23rd May 2019 (for handicaps 20 & under). Information will be available on the website after the Annual Meeting.

                                                                     Precis of the Committee meeting held on 9th June 2018.

                                                              (to be approved & signed @ 1st September Committee Meeting)



* It was confirmed that it is the responsibility of individual players, pairs & teams to find & send replacements (or a marker) to competitions if they are unable to play at the last minute due to illness or injury etc & inform the competition secretary of any name changes asap.

* 2019 Competition Venues to be announced by the end of August & put on website.

* Entry fee for YVLGA Championship to be increased to £18 for 2019 (includes Tri-Am as well).

* Maximum handicap limit for individual competitions in 2019 to be raised to 40, in line with CONGU changes allowing handicaps to increase above 36.This may need to be reviewed in 4-5 years time.


* At the upcoming AGM there are vacancies on Committee for 2 Officials; Secretary & Competition Secretary as well as 4 Committee Members. A general job description for Secretary & Competition Secretary is available on the website. However, if you are interested in any of the vacancies & wish to chat about the jobs/roles then please ring Gill or Penny. The Association needs your support.

* A new GDPR Policy (Security of information) has been agreed & is available on the website. The Secretary is the official ‘point of contact’ regarding any concerns.

Club Representatives;

* Informal Meeting arranged for 11am on Thursday 23rd August @ Pike Hills GC near York. Coffee/tea & biscuits available beforehand. It would be lovely to see as many Club Reps as possible but if not available, then please ask somebody else from your Club to come in your place. This is your chance to ask questions & discuss any issues or concerns before the AGM.

Northern Vets (NCVLGA);

* At the Business Meeting in May, it was announced that Ruth Whitehead (Cheshire) to take over as President for 2019-20 & Barbara Laird (Cheshire) as incoming Vice-Captain at the Annual Meeting in October 2018 at Moortown GC.

* Yorkshire will be hosting the Nortrhern Championships at Rotherham GC from 21st-23rd May 2019 (for handicaps 20 & under).


                                     PRECIS OF THE COMMITTEE MEETING HELD 10th FEBRUARY 2018
                                                           (to be approved & signed @ June 2018 Committee Meeting)

Captain Sarah Arrowsmith wished everybody a ‘Happy New Year’ & thanked Sandra Paul for organising the committee lunch at Fulford GC.

Competitions; England Golf have confirmed that they were going ahead with a Senior Women’s County ‘Champion of Champions’ Event to be held at Frilford Heath on 8-9 September, 2018. The Yorkshire Vets Champion in 2018 would be eligible to enter. The date for the Spring Meeting at Wheatley GC has been changed from 9th to 16th April because of work on the course. All Club Reps have been informed & the change put on the website. Competition entries received to date were low but more expected in next 2-3 weeks before new 1st March deadline for all competitions this year. A few teething troubles & late entries are expected. Handicap limits for 2019 competitions was brought up following the allowed CONGU handicap increase up to 54 from 2018 onwards. This was deferred, to be discussed at June meeting.

Finance; Budget update now indicates a lower surplus(c £1.4k) likely for 2018. This was as a result of lower membership numbers, increased prize fund & unknown competition entries at this stage. A 2nd laptop & ‘PUMA’ software licence has been purchased for competitions. Northern Vets subscriptions (£1 per Annual Member) along with Jamboree contributions & insurance payments have also been sent to the NCVLGA Treasurer. Regular monitoring of expenditure will be required over the summer. The 2 year bond has been renewed as best available.

Membership; Annual Membership reported slightly down to 1237No. & Life Members revised to 448No. 10 Clubs have still not responded for 2018 but have been sent reminders. Currently, 58 Clubs affiliated to County Association have no Vets members, & it was agreed to contact & enquire about interest.

Club Reps; Guidelines for Club Reps to be reviewed & updated ASAP.




Captain Sarah Arrowsmith welcomed new President Jo Somers & other new members to the Committee. She was looking forward to an enjoyable year. Jo Somers announced that Karen Leake(Oakdale) had accepted the Past Captain’s invitation to be Vice-Captain in 2019.

Competitions; Harrap Trophy to be kept for winner of Spring Meeting. The Bronze winner of the new Autumn Meeting to be awarded the YVLGA Trophy(from other Spring Meeting) & the Silver winner to be awarded another YVLGA Trophy. There was no need to change to handicap limits for Vets Competitions at this stage following 2018 CONGU changes.

Finance; Overall, a small surplus(c £2k) was estimated for 2018 Budget but this would totally depend on a slight increase in income from membership(due to handicap eligibility change), maximising competition entries(due to change of formats) & no cancelled competitions. In addition, regular expenditure would need to be tightly monitored & controlled. Current investments would need reviewing in January 2018. Slight increases in the number of prizes offered & rationalisation of Competition Vouchers was agreed. Purchase of a 2nd laptop & ‘PUMA’ software licence had been budgeted for & was agreed.

Membership; Karen Leake had accepted the role of Membership Registrar. She had re-sent a lot of membership renewal lists misplaced from earlier in the year & was receiving more changes of Club Reps/contact details. A new spreadsheet to be circulated to Secreatary & Competition Secretary after Xmas.

Club Reps; Meeting @ Pike Hills deemed to be a success & a very useful discussion forum providing valuable feedback to Committee. Date for 2018 provisionally booked – 23rd August(earlier than previous years so propositions/nominations can be submitted before AGM deadline). A list of ‘key dates’ for Club Reps was reviewed & a revised list to be put on website ASAP.

NCVLGA Issues; Yorkshire’s proposal to clarify the winners of Best Nett & Best Gross Trophies @ Northern Championship was deferred until May Business Meeting.

YVLGA Constitution; Committee agreed that a new category of Associate Membership was not required. Non-members were welcome to attend the AGM but not entitled to vote which would be explained at the beginning of the meeting & require no change to the Constitution.


(click here for full draft unapproved minutes)

President, Carol Atack, welcomed 98 members to the Annual General Meeting which was preceded by the Presentation of Trophies to 2017 Ccompetition winners by Captain, Gill Travis

1. Competitions - once again, some competitions proved more popular than others. Average of only 73% full reported by Treasurer. Committee to consider changing future formats to maximise this important income stream. 2 competitions had to be cancelled due to the weather, affecting overall financial outcome for 2017. Some new competitions have been introduced for 2018 - click here for details of competitions and dates

2. Treasurer's Report - small deficit reported as a result of the cancelled competitions. Association balances remain healthy which is reassuring as Yorkshire will host the Northern Championships in 2019 at Rotherham which may incur additional costs. Treasurer requested that electronic payments (EFTS) MUST be referenced with the Club name to enable identification. A covering email to the Treasurer advising that payment has been made would also greatly assist this process

3. Membership - now over 1200 members (resulting in 2% increase in membership subscriptions), thanks to the efforts of Club reps - encouraging members to join & play in the events as well as collecting subscriptions, & remains a crucial role in the Association

4. Members' Survey - 2 surveys had been held over the year & had already influenced 3 changes to competition formats for 2018. Thanks to all members who had completed the surveys

5. Website - now our major communication tool & all members are encouraged to access the website for information & contact details

6. Lady Captains's Report - Gill Travis reported on an exciting & most enjoyable year. The highlights were as follows:
    2017 YVLGA Championships at Crosland Heath - Karen Jobling won her first Championship
    1st Team - Won 4 out of 5 matches to finish 2nd again in Richardson Trophy matches, only losing to a very strong Cheshire team
    Northern Vets Championships at Pleasington - 6 Yorkshire players qualified in the 1st flight & 2 in the 2nd flight. Karen Jobling lost in the semi-final to
    the eventual winner
    Jamboree & Northern team - 2 Yorkshire players (Karen Jobling & Julie Wheeldon) were selected to represent the Northern Counties team which came
    2nd overall in a very exciting event & received the Tony Moffat Quaich
    She thanked all the members for their support throughout the year which had made the experience so enjoyable & wished the incoming Captain, Sarah
    Arrowsmith, success in 2018

7. Constitution Change - A proposition to amend Article 14 to stop Dual Membership of County Veterans Associations was submitted by the Committee. This was amended from the floor to include an increase in the joining handicap from 33 to 35. Amended Proposal Carried. Click here to view revised Constitution

8. 2018 Committee - Click here to view the 2018 Committee

9. Date of next AGM - Monday 15th October 2018 at 11am at Sand Moor GC


The Captain reported on YVLGA Competitions; 1st Spring Meeting @ Ripon, 9 Hole @ Crow Nest Park, & 4BBB @ Moortown & Foursomes @ Crosland Heath. Unfortunateley the Am-Am @ Scarborough was abandoned. She hoped to be at the last 3 events @ Forest Park, Pannal & Garforth.

The Captain also reported on Richardson Trophy Matches; full reports & pictures were on the website. The 1st match v NORTHUMBERLAND home @ CHGC - Thursday 1st June was a super 6-1 win. The 2nd match v LANCASHIRE away @ Royal Lytham & St Annes GC - Sunday 18th June was a great 4-3 win against our Red Rose on their own turf. The 3rd match v DURHAM home @ CHGC - Thursday 29th June resulted in another hard earned 6-1 win. The 4th match v CUMBRIA away @ Appleby GC - Saturday 15th July secured a challenging 6-1 win on Cumberland turf. For the last match v CHESHIRE away @ Bromborough GC - Thursday 27th July, we knew that if we beat a very strong Cheshire team, then Yorkshire would regain the trophy. Unfortunately, Cheshire beat Yorkshire 5-2 which was a disappointing way for the team to finish after 4 great wins in the Richardson Trophy & finish 2nd overall(again). The Captain congratulated all of the Yorkshire Team who have played some fantastic golf this year, of which they should be very proud & which she had been very privileged to see. A big ‘thank you’ to the team: Karen, Julie, Pat, Carol, Betty, Judy, Jackie, Sandra & Tracey…….along with Sarah, Carol & Helen who had supported her all the way & of course the trolley pullers.

Jamboree 2017 @ Frilford Heath GC; the Northern Captain included Karen Jobling & Julie Wheeldon in her squad of 8 players alongside Caroline Berry, Sue Dye, Cath Rawthore & Gill Mellor (Cheshire), Brenda Ewbank (Cumbria) & Ally Hansen (Northumberland). Format is 3 Foursomes in morning & 6 Singles matchplay in afternoon with 9 pts available per day for 1 match point. On the 1st day, the North played Scotland resulting in a win for the North (5 ½ v 3 ½ ). On the 2nd day, the North played the South resulting in a 6v3 win for North. On the final day this meant that North had to beat the Midlands to win. A draw would give the Miller Stirling Salver to the Midlands by ½ game on countback from same points. The morning Foursomes resulted in a 2 ½ v ½ up to the North but unfortunately we lost the singles 4 v 2 resulting in a tied match 4 ½ v 4 ½ overall. This meant that the North were 2nd overall & received the Quaich! A great performance all round with full results & photos on the website.

Vice-Captain reported on the YVLGA 2nd Team ‘friendly match’ v Derbyshire played at Erewash Valley GC on 23rd August. The format had been changed this year from Scratch to a Handicap match with 7 x 4BBBs which unfortunately, YVLGA lost 5-2 after some very close matches. The match was played in an excellent & friendly spirit. The match will be @ Huddersfield GC next year.

Competitions; It was agreed to change the 9 Hole Individual Stableford to a 4 Ball Texas Scramble to see if a team event would be more popular & in 2018 it would be held @ Hanging Heaton. Also decided to put area/town on competition venues list i.e. Sandburn Hall [York Area] & revised list to be sent out to all the Club Reps & put on the website ASAP.

Treasurer gave a summary of the End of Year Accounts she had prepared/drafted for the AGM. She was expecting to ‘balance’ even though Jamboree expenses in South were high, but team expenses were under budget & 1 competition had been cancelled (entry fees refunded but donation had not been paid to Club either). Following a discussion on changing the Guidance on Mileage Expenses for RT Home Matches it was agreed that they would stay the same. Regarding Competition Course Fees & Gratuities, it had already been agreed to raise the Championship rates to £1200 & £120 respectively. However, following discussion it was generally felt that there was no need to increase any other rates for 2018 as we were competitive against both YLCGA & Yorkshire Men.

The Secretary reported on the preliminary meeting held at Rotherham GC on 4th Aug. The working group of Sarah Arrowsmith, Helen Duckett, Sandra Paul, Julia Smith & herself had discussed all aspects of the 3 Day Championship to be held 20th-23rd May 2019. Entry Fee & dinner costs would be considered after the next meeting with Club officials & the draft budget reviewed.

The format for Club Reps meeting to be held at Pike Hills GC on 14th Sept at 11am was discussed; Captain to welcome, introduce & link sessions from Secretary, Competition Secretary & Registrar with a Q&A at the end. Tea/Coffee would be provided before the meeting. Payment dates, BACS system, changes to Competition Venues & Formats, Ballots, Proposed Constitution change & Survey results to be raised. A sort agenda to be sent to Club Reps & put on the website ASAP.

Constitution Change; discussion on Associate membership deferred.

AGM details; agenda was ready to be sent out to all Club Reps along with the minutes from last year & the proposition details. Nominations had now closed & we vacancies for Committee Members so would need to co-opt 3 members for 1 year. Copies to be sent to all Committee members & put on the website ASAP. The presentation of trophies would be done before the AGM starts.

NCVLGA; the Northern Annual Meeting was to be held at Moortown GC on 11th October. Details to be sent to all Committee for information. Yorkshire had put forward a Proposal which had been Seconded by Lancashire to clarify the awarding of Gross & Nett Trophies & Prizes at the Northern Championship.

The Secretary, Rosie Atkin announced that she was resigning due to being elected as Chairman of Hornsea GC & she felt unable to carry out both roles.



Sally Runton(Past Captain) has donated a New Trophy for 9 Hole Stableford Competition to be presented for 1st time at October AGM.

Handicap Limit; this was discussed briefly & it was agreed that the Survey (being carried out via the desk at all competitions) be continued for the rest of the year & also raised at the Club Reps Meeting in September. It could be raised at the AGM & a considered recommendation could then be put to 2018 AGM.

Constitution Changes;

  • new wording agreed to be put to AGM for Article 14. Conditions of Membership – to ensure that members are only playing members of a recognised Golf Club with Yorkshire County affiliation & not a member of any other County Veteran or County Senior Ladies’ Golf Association (i.e. Dual County membership not allowed).
  • the introduction of an Associate Member category was discussed for Annual Members who are no longer members of a golf club but wish to remain
    members of the YVLGA. This needs to be considered alongside Life Membership category but was deferred for further discussion.

Competition Secretary had obtained 4 extra tee times for 4BBB at Pannal to add on at the end of the field so time sheet would be re-issued for September 11th. It was confirmed that the current YVLGA Buggy Policy would be adhered to for all competitions & players without a Doctors letter or medical certificate would not be allowed to use one. It was reported that the BACS/EFS system had caused huge checking problems for Competition Secretary & Treasurer as the correct Club/Invoice /Reference Number was not being used & this needed reviewing for 2018 & discussing at the Club Reps meeting at Pike Hills in September. All competition results were put on the website.

Lady Captain reported that the 4BBB ‘friendly’ between YVLGA 1st Team & YLCGA Mid-Ams 1st Team @ Crosland Heath GC on 9th April had been won 3-1 by the Vets. The Team Trials @ Crosland Heath GC on 23rd April had been attended by 18 ladies playing off a handicap of under 6! A 2nd ‘friendly’ match between YVLGA 1st Team & YLCGA 2nd Team @ Sickleholme GC on 14th May had resulted in a 3-1 win for the ‘youngsters’.

The Championship at Crosland Heath GC from 8-10 May had 82 ladies playing the QR in somewhat wintery, cold & windy conditions but had ended in glorious sunshine. Best Gross(75) & winner of the Barrett Trophy was Pat Wrightson & Best Nett(73) & winner of the Elliott Trophy was Carol Wilson. Karen Jobling beat Cathy Riley 6&5 to become Yorkshire Vets Champion for the 1st time. Full results were available on the website. Yorkshire won their 1st Richardson Trophy Match v Northumberland on 1st June by 6v1. It was fantastic to start this season’s campaign but the next match v Lancashire away at Royal Lytham & St Anne’s would be a much stiffer test!

The Treasurer reported a slight increase in Annual Membership (+17). Competition entry fees for the year looked OK with an increase of £1840 on 2016 but was a disappointing £2000 short of maximum revenue. Suprisingly, 6 out of 11 competitions weren’t full. This was a problem as our 2 major sources of income are Subscriptions & Competitions & we need to promptly address any downward trend in these areas of income. It was agreed to have a questionnaire available on competition desk for completion & return same day to try & find out exactly what our members would really like? Overall the budget for the year looked likely to produce a small deficit of c£49. She was also starting to prepare a budget for the NCVLGA Championship 2019 at Rotherham.

It was agreed that ALL competition entries would have the same RETURN DATE of 1st March instead of the current 2 dates (1st March & 1st May) & 2 lots of payments. It was felt that this would help to simplify system & allow Members to know earlier in the year if they had got into YVLGA competitions or not & then they could enter other Opens. Club Reps to be informed at the meeting at Pike Hills in September, put on the website & announced at the AGM.

Course fees & gratuities were deferred to next meeting for further discussion. Venues & formats were confirmed for 2018 with 2 changes; the Over 65s would be at Pike Hills GC(easier walking) & Bradford GC would host one of the 4BBBs. It was also agreed to wait for the survey results before discussing the balance of individual v pairs v team competitions.

A working group was to be set up to organise the NCVLGA CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 @ Rotherham GC. This would include Sarah Arrowsmith, Rosie Atkin, Helen Duckett, Julia Smith & Sandra Paul. A first meeting to be arranged for September.

NCVLGA Championship - 23rd-25th May @ PLEASINGTON GC, LANCASHIRE. Yorkshire were represented by 31 ladies out of a field of 95 players, a great turn out! The Qualifying Round was reduction only with Sandra Paul in 2nd Nett with a 76 on countback from Carol Simpson in 3rd Nett. Both the Gross & Nett Team Prizes (best 3 scores) were won by Cheshire with Yorkshire 2nd. The best 16 qualifiers (Gross) went through to the Championship Match Play & included 6 Yorkshire players; Karen Jobling, Carol Simpson, Sandra Paul, Pat Wrightson, Judy Butler & Betty Sworowski. The next 8 best Gross scores qualified for the 2nd flight Match Play & these included Jackie Roberts & Elaine Pearson from Yorkshire. In the semi-finals, Karen Jobling lost to Caroline Berry(Cheshire) 3&2, who went on to beat Sue Dye (Cheshire) 5&4 to become the Northern Champion for 2017. In the 2nd flight, Carol Helme(Lancashire) beat Rosie Waller(Cumbria) on the 18th hole. A Stableford Team Event (Tri-Am) was also held on the Wednesday for non-qualifiers & Yorkshire fielded 5 teams with Karen Leake, Penny Baxter & Patsy Rochester coming 2nd with 74 points behind the eventual winners from Durham(80 pts)..

It was suggested that there was no clear guidance in the ‘Northern Rules/Conditions for Players in Championship’ as to the correct procedure for Best Gross & Best Nett trophies being won by the same person. It was agreed that Yorkshire would put a Proposal to clarify this ‘in principle’ to NCVLGA Annual Meeting & Lancashire had already indicated that they would ‘Second’ this proposal.


The minutes of the previous meeting were signed as a true record.

The matter of raising the handicap limit for joining the Vets was discussed. This is currently 33 though it may change over the years. It was decided to carry this over to the next meeting.

Members wishing to join who are already members of another County was also discussed, and it was carried that dual membership would not be allowed. It was also raised about the issue of Ladies who are no longer members of a golf club, but who wish to continue as members of YVLGA. It was decided to allow this, but that they would not have a vote at the AGM. These 2 issues would need to be clarified in the Constitution so a proposal would be required for the AGM

Lady Captain Gill gave a brief report on the arrangements for the 2 Friendly Matches, the Team Trials and the 5 Richardson Trophy Matches [2 home and 3 away this year]. She was pleased that

Championship entries were already starting to come in for Crosland Heath. Gill reported that the NCVLGA Championship was to be held at Pleasington GC with Yorkshire well represented with 30 entries already.

Competition Secretary Penny reported that 93 entries had been received for Ripon, 80 entries for the Championship and 113 entries for York to date.

Treasurer Helen reported that Membership was around the same as 2016, the first time in 9 years that there had not been an increase. The entries for the first 3 Comps are down on budget, so it is important that we try to fill the rest of the Comps.

Registrar Sarah asked if a date could be set to hold another Reps Meeting at Pike Hills. The Hon Sec was asked to contact the Club and book Thurs 14th Sept if possible. The matter of the change of date for registration was discussed, Sarah felt that the end of Jan might be better. It was decided to leave it at the end of December for this year and then review it.

A new rule regarding the accidental moving of the ball or marker on the putting green will be adopted by YVLGA in line with NCVLGA, until incorporated into the 2019 R&A rule changes.

It was decided to put a questionnaire on the desk at all competitions, to get feedback from members re handicap limit for new members joining the Vets.


                                            THE COMMITTEE ARE ALWAYS INTERESTED IN YOUR VIEWS