Richmond (Yorks) Golf Club 

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2022 Team Fixtures

April 2    1st team vs YLCGA Mid Ams Team Richmond GC
April 9
 1st team v YLCGA 1st Team 
 Richmond GC
April 16   
 Team Trials
 Richmond GC
July 28 2nd Team v Derbyshire Matlock GC
October 9
2nd Team v YLCGA Mid Ams
York GC



YVLGA 2nd Team vs YLCGA Mid-Ams - Saturday October 2nd

 On a cold, windy and wet day 20 ladies went out and played at Richmond (Yorks).  Amazingly, all of them remained cheerful, and the match was played in very good spirit.  Sadly, the 2nd Team were beaten 4/1 by a really competitive Yorkshire Mid-Ams side - including one of our own 1st team players, Heather Butcher!

Thanks to Maggie Katz and Dawn Clegg, YLCGA, and Karen, our Captain, for coming out and supporting in the weather - always a lot worse when you are just standing it has to be said.  Also, many thanks to all at Richmond for presenting the course so well and looking after us, the nice warm dining room and hot food after the game were much appreciated. 



Maggie Katz, LVC, Dawn Clegg, LC                        Lisa Emberson, Judy Butler, Helen Barugh, Cath Lake

 Julia Parry, Jyane Helliwell, Gillian Johnson, Julia Smith

 Kerry Lamb, Katie Barraclough, Jane Oliver, Alison Clark


 Susan Brench, Ruth Suffell, Sue Smith, Fiona Wood

 Val Barras, Lynda Ireland, Chantelle Shaw, Heather Butcher


YVLGA 2nd team v Derbyshire at Rotherham GC - Thursday 29th July



On a blustery but dry day at Rotherham GC, 14 ladies tee'd up against Derbyshire on Thursday 29th July. In what was a very friendly but competitive match, our ladies came good & won the day 4.5 - 2.5.

Thanks to everyone at Rotherham GC who looked after us brilliantly and the Derbyshire ladies were very appreciative of the fact that they had not been asked to travel to Richmond!!

Many thanks to everyone who played in our 2nd team.


Team Captains


     From left: Lisa Emberson (Forest Park) & Tracey Batty (Otley)                     From right: Judy Butler (Malton & Norton) & Val Barrass (York)



     Far left: Alison Clark (Hull)   Far right: Tina Fethon (Driffield)                   From left: Jayne Helliwell (Bingley St Ives) & Elaine MacGregor (Wakefield)


       From left: Julia Smith (Rotherham) & Sarah Newton (Doncaster)                From right: Patsy Rochester (Oakdale) & Sue Smith (Wetherby)


From right: Melody Svenson (Ilkley) & Fiona Wood (Ilkley)       


YVLGA 1st team v YLCGA Mid  Ams at Oakdale GC - Sunday 18th April


After the long days of lockdown, it was wonderful to get the season underway with our first fixture against the Mid Ams. Conditions were excellent & the golf matched the same standard. With one of the Mid Ams players being unable to play at the last minute, our competition secretary Patsy Rochester stepped in to help & ending up posting a point for the opposition! Thanks to President Ros Lumb & Vice Captain Penny Holroyd who helped everything run smoothly & the YLCGA Captain Maggie Katz & YLCGA President Anne McMullen for supporting the day. After a closely fought fixture, the match was halved & felt like a fitting result after the difficult year we've all been through.

Results (YVLGA names first) 

Angela Morris & Karen Jobling v Helen Barugh & Cath Lake A/S

Bet Sworowski & Sandra Paul beat Heather Butcher & Jayne Helliwell 2 &1

Julie Wheeldon & Carol Simpson beat Katie Barraclough & Carla Pawson 4 & 2

Elaine MacGregor & Fiona Wood lost to Patsy Rochester & Julie Parry 3 & 1

Tracey Batty & Tracey Maddison lost to Kerry Lamb & Ruth Suffell 4 & 2



L-R: Maggie Katz (YLCGA Capt), Dawn Clegg (Capt Mid Ams),Anne McMullen (YLCGA Pres), Ros Lumb (YVLGA Pres), Karen Leake (YVLGA Capt)


Angela Morris & Karen Jobling (YVLGA) v Cath Lake & Helen Barugh 


Heather Butcher & Jayne Helliwell v Bet Sworowski & Sandra Paul (YVLGA) 


Katie Barraclough & Carla Pawson v Carol Simpson & Julie Wheeldon (YVLGA) 


Julie Parry & Patsy Rochester v Fiona Wood & Elaine MacGregor (YVLGA) 


Ruth Suffell & Kerry Lamb v Tracey Batty & Tracey Maddison (YVLGA)


1st AUGUST 2019

                                                                            Yorkshire 2nd Team

                                                                                 Both Teams                                  

Heavy rain had shut the South Chesterfield course the day before the scheduled match & there was some doubt as to whether the fixture would be fulfilled. With everyone on standby, waiting for my early morning email before setting out, it was a tense morning! Thankfully the confirmation came from Derbyshire that the course was now open, even though all bunkers were GUR, & the troops were clear to travel!

The team was:
Anne Taylor & Jackie Starkie
Gill Travis & Penny Baxter
Julia Smith & Melody Svenson
Karen Leake & Sue Smith
Patsy Rochester & Elaine Pearson
Joyce Slater & Lynda Ireland
Cathy Riley & Sam Harben

With all 7 pairs giving shots (high numbers in some cases), I am delighted & proud to report a halved match. No matches were won or lost before the 16th hole so it was a close run thing.

Thank you to all the team for your patience & support today.

Karen Leake
Vice Captain


SUNDAY 14th APRIL 2019

On a cold and frosty morning the YVLGA 1st Team met at Wetherby Golf Club to play our annual match against the YLCGA 2nd Team. 
Our warm up today was a very welcome bacon bap and a hot drink. 
The weather didn’t get any better and there was a bitter wind blowing, making it very difficult for the players, but it didn’t deter them and there was some brilliant golf played by both teams.  Congratulations to the Yorkshire 2nd Team who went on to win by 3 matches to 1. 
My thanks to YLCGA Vice Captain Maggie Katz for being a great host, Wetherby Golf Club for their hospitality and it was also lovely to see the YLCGA Captain Heather Muir there today. 

(YVLGA names first)

YVLGA 1st Team 1 - YLCGA 2nd Team 3

Karen Jobling and Pat Wrightson lost to Adel Watt and Emma Mysiuk
Julie Wheeldon and Bet Sworowski beat Molly Brown and Hannah Chaudry
Carol Simpson and Jackie Barraclough lost to Zara Ali and Alex Bonfield
Mary Pat Moore and Alison Clark lost to Hattie Richardson and Olivia Pearson

YVLGA 1st Team
Back L-R, Mary Pat Moore, Alison Clark, Karen Jobling, Jackie Barraclough, Carol Simpson, Pat Wrightson, Julie Wheeldon and Bet Sworowski
Front L-R, Jo Somers (President), Sandra Paul (Captain) and Karen Leake (Vice Captain)

YLCGA 2nd Team

Emma Mysiuk & Adel Watt, Karen Jobling & Pat Wrightson

Molly Brown & Hannah Chaudry, Julie Wheeldon & Bet Sworowski

Jackie Barraclough & Carol Simpson, Zara Ali & Alex Bonfield

Hattie Richardson & Olivia Pearson, Alison Clark & Mary Pat Moore

Sandra Paul & Karen Leake

The Flags

Vice Captain, Captain & Treasurer