Huddersfield GC

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A bright and early but slightly misty morning, with deer crossing the first fairway, saw 40 teams of ladies setting out at 8am with President Jo Somers &  starter, Alwoodley Club Captain John Steath, to see them off. Thanks also to starters Annie Wildblood (Lady Captain) who also helped with starting. The course was in excellent condition & provided a challenge to all - sand & heather being particularly unforgiving. The spotters, Jill Richardson, Rosey James, Linda Wilson, Sue Mason, Jane Guckian & Jan Ledger were essential at the 12th hole, keeping play moving. Raffle ticket sellers Gail Dyson & Bobbie Till did a magnificent job & raised over £180 for the Alison Nicholas fund & for the Alwoodley Lady Captain's Charity, Martin House. We were fed & watered by Phil & Thelma who did a great jo throughout the day & thanks to Professional John Green who was in attendance from start to finish. 


1st & Winners of the President's Trophy
Anne Gollogly, Beverly Flockton, Katie Clark (Saltburn) 77 points

2nd Maureen Thorndyke, Brenda Moore, Clare Hollis (Knaresborough) 74 points

3rd Heather Bingley, Julie Brown, Carolyn Kirk (Ganton) 73 points

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                  Alwoodley at dawn                                                                                Competition Sec Patsy Rochester &                                                                                                                                                 President Jo Somers

Julie Slater (Club Manager), Mike Steath (Club Captain) & Jo Somers (YVLGA President)





Scarborough North Cliff's clubhouse was buzzing with the 37 teams of 4 who played on a lovely late summer's day. The course was very well presented by greenkeeper Colin Fairley & his team & the fish & chips from Pete Kirby's kitchen were the talk of the clubhouse! Thank you to Lady Captain Sue Bower & her team of starters - Pam, Ann, Cath, Maureen & June. The teams were set off in good time & finished before the light faded. Sue also did a sterling job of selling raffle tickets. Congratulations to all the prizewinners & thank you to everyone who supported the event.


1st & winners of the Dewsbury Centenary Trophy - Judy Butler, Carol Simpson, Carol Wilson, Christine Oldfield (Malton & Norton) - 86 points

2nd - Christine  Walker, Angela Phillips, Sue Phillips, Christine Greenhalgh (Horsforth) - 81 points

3rd - Ali Mowat, Alyson Ellis, Gill Hood (Howley Hall), Jan Deighton (Scarthingwell) - 80 points

4th - Lesley Self, Claire Wish,  Caroline Smith, Georgina Burrell (Lindrick) - 79 points

5th - Katherine Fenton, Beverley Davies, Sue Rowe, Suzanne Robertson-Bates (Rudding Park) - 79 points (bb6) 

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80 teams played in very wet and wintery conditions at Pannal going out from 0830 and the last group just making it back to the club house before head torches were required. Reports of tough rough & slippery greens proved a challenge for the intrepid competitors, although the prizewinners returned some excellent scores. Thank you to everyone at Pannal - new manager David Tilbury, Lady Captain Joy Bowler, raffle ticket sellers Sandra Walmsley & Margaret Kershaw, starters Jim Bowler, Ian Walmsley & Fiona Goddall. We were also well fed & watered by house manager & head chef Tony. Head greenkeeper James Parkes & his team are also to be congratulated for presenting the course in such good order.


A Calloway Razr X  9 iron was left on the course, possibly in the region of the 18th hole. If you have it, please contact Patsy Rochester (Competition Secretary) on who will reunite it with the owner.


1st &  WINNERS OF THE YVLGA Members Trophy
Debbie Howarth (Alwoodley) & Jean Manson (Scarcroft) - 41 points bb9

2nd - Diane Westmoreland & Michelle Harrison (Waterton Park) - 41 points
3rd - Katie Clark & Anne Gollogly (Saltburn) - 39 points bb9
4th - Jean Thornton & Maria Carnazza (Wetherby) - 39 points bb9
5th - Liz Tabel & Shirley Jewkes (Keighley) - 39 points
6th - Maureen Anthony & Sue Metcalfe (Middlesbrough) - 38 points

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Competition Secretary Patsy Rochester & President Jo Somers in light-hearted mood on the desk! 

Gloomy conditions at Pannal GC



It was a case of greenkeepers' revenge at the Foursomes Competition at Huddersfield Golf Club on Monday  2nd September! The field of 79 pairs battled with some very challenging pin positions, combined with gusty conditions as well as the normal physical test which is Fixby.

Thanks to Club manager Chris & his team & to Lady Captain June Sowden for looking after us so well. 


Best Gross & Winners of the Sheila Yeadon Trophy
Bet Sworowski (Wakefield) & Jackie Barraclough (Cleckheaton) - 81


 Captain, Sandra Paul, with gross champions Bet Sworowski (right) & Jackie Barraclough (left)

 Best Nett & Winners of the Wardle Trophy

Joyce Slater & Penny Baxter (Oakdale)- nett 76.5

2nd Nett - Janet Tedstone & Linda Burnley (Willow Valley) - nett 78
3rd Nett - Sarah Arrowsmith & Joan Wood (Woodsome Hall) - nett 78.5
4th Nett - Bev Hegarty & Deborah Mutch (Headingley) - nett 79


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Individual Stableford Divisions 0-21 & 21-36


Division 1, 0-20 handicap
1st & Winner of the YVLGA Trophy
- Debs Dennison (Ripon City GC) - 37 pts
2nd - Fiona Storrier (Waterton Park GC) - 35 pts
3rd - Elizabeth Nicholson (Woodsome Hall GC) - 34 pts

Division 2, 21-36 handicap
1st & Winner of the Harrap Trophy - Aileen Stockton (Selby GC) - 30 pts (BB9)
2nd - Pam Hoyes (Outland GC) - 30 pts
3rd - Carole Brown (Meltham) - 29 pts

For Full Results follow: (Link) Silver Division

For Full Results follow: (Link) Bronze Division


There were weary limbs & shaking heads following the Autumn Meeting at Normanton Golf Club on Monday 19th September. Strategically placed bunkers & water hazards along with speedy & undulating greens made for a challenging round for most, with only one competitor out of 128, Debs Denison from Ripon City GC, scoring more than 36 points! 
We received an enthusiastic welcome from the ladies at Normanton GC on arrival at 7.30am - Lady Representative Anita Fox & her team of Wendy Dennis, Kay Allsopp & Pat Mills were so helpful & had enlisted the starters Graham Fox & David Ryler who kept order on the first tee. Thanks also to the catering staff, Rick & Tina who had a long day on duty & to 'Kit Kat' Kate in the halfway house. Having heard tales of woe from most of the competitors, she still had a smile on her face & some extremely delicious cakes to try & keep spirits & energy up! Well done to Head Greenkeeper, Dave Crampton, & his team for presenting the course so well after some very heavy rain during the previous week.
Congratulations to the Divisional prizewinners - truly well-earned!



With high temperatures forecast, the full field of players were unusually grateful for the strong wind which persisted through the day at Howley Hall, making playing conditions tricky but at least bearable! The course was presented very well - thanks to the  greenkeeping staff. The starters, past YUGC President Jay Whittam, John Double, Michael Brook & Ian Mowat, moved the field out in good order & their assistance was much appreciated. Thank you also to the raffle sellers Jen Whittam, Jean Grimbleday & Eileen Hartley who helped us raise £130.56, £50 of which was donated to the Howley Hall Lady Captain's Charity, Leeds Cares. We are indebted to the members of Howley Hall for allowing us to take over their course for the day & to new manager Stuart Carnie & Howley Hall YVLGA Rep Ali Mowat who took our many & varied requests in their stride. Angie & catering team kept us fed & watered to the bitter end, despite the high temperatures. 
Congratulations to all the prizewinners (listed below) & thank you to all the competitors who supported the event.

Karen Leake
YVLGA Vice Captain

(90% handicap allowance in brackets)

Patsy Mannion (22) & Susan Mannion (20) - Moortown - 46 points

2nd - Vicky Johnson (19) & Mary-Ann Hide (14) - Richmond (N Yorks) - 42 points
3rd - Susan White (13) & Cartherine Deighton (19) - S Bradford & Bradford Moor - 41 points
4th - Jane Jagger (21) & Jeanie Worby (10) - Shipley - 40 points
5th - Gill Travis (6) & Hilary Taylor (11) Crosland Heath - 39 points
6th - Val Eccles (20) & Carole Taylor (22) - Forest Park - 38 points

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On a lovely still and reasonably warm day, 77 pairs played a 4BBB stableford to win The YVLGA Trophy. The course was in very good condition with plenty of grass on the fairways and unfortunately, for some, long wispy pink grass waiting for an errant shot. The main comments were reserved for the tricky greens which were especially fast when faced with a downhill putt.

Many thanks to all the staff at Headingley, with special mention to the Lady Captain, Phyllis Thomson for her help everywhere; the starters, Charleyne, David, Frank and Ian; the raffle ticket ladies Eileen and Jill, the bar staff Simon and Lachlan and not forgetting Andrew and his kitchen staff for all the lovely food.

We presented the Lady Captain with a cheque for £50 for her charity, Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) & the remaining income will help to fund our annual contribution to the Alison Nicholas Fund.

Joyce Slater
YVLGA Committee Member


1st & Winner of The YVLGA Trophy
Linda Ireland (8) & Glynis Binks (16)-  Shipley- 44 points

2nd – Janet Tedston (11) & Linda Burnley (13) – Willow Valley - 43 points
3rd -Carolyn Eastham (12) & Tina Conway (22)- Cookridge - 42 points (b9 23)
4th – Yvonne Holmes (20) & Marcia Bradbury (20) - Hickleton- 42 points (b9 20)
5th – Vanessa Woodward (14) & Jill McGarvie (23) - Doncaster- 41 points (b9 21)
6th – Chris Wright (13) &  Julia Smith (7) - Rotherham - 41 points (b9 20)

For Full Results follow: (Link)



Fearing that the previous week of heavy rain would continue, we approached with some trepidation, but apart from a short downpour for the players at the end of the field, the weather held fair. 128 ladies played, with 23 also competing for the Over 75's Trophy. Reports from the course suggested that it had been a long walk & that the trees had played a major role in the scoring (the clue was in the name of the Club!).

Many thanks to all the staff at Forest of Galtres, particularly to Jayne & Lee who met us on arrival & were still there at close of play to clear up. Chef Mark also did a wonderful job keeping everyone fed. Lady Captain Chris Carrick & Sue Procter performed the starter duties for us – not easy with several no-shows to contend with. Thanks also to our Captain Sandra Paul & President Jo Somers who helped at the desk – particularly useful as Competition Secretary Patsy Rochester required a quick, unexpected trip to the doctor. Hopefully all will be well after a good night’s sleep, painkillers & antibiotics!

We were able to present the Lady Captain with a cheque for £50 for her charity, Yorkshire Air Ambulance & the remaining income will help to fund our annual contribution to the Alison Nicholas Fund.

Karen Leake
YVLGA Vice Captain


1st & Winner of the Over 65's Jean Gordon Trophy
Barbara Smith (21) -  The Oaks - 38 point

2nd - Lesly Ford (18) - Thirsk & Northallerton - 36 points
3rd -Carolyn Eastham (12) - Cookridge Hall - 35 points
4th - Maxine Hartley (33) - Oakdale - 35 points
5th - Penny Holroyd (15) - Richmond (Yorks) - 35 points
6th - Di King (12) - Garforth - 35 points

Winner of the Over 75's Rosie Hickie Trophy
Sylvia Charter (25) - Hornsea - 33 points


 For Full List Of Results follow: (Link) 

                      Carolyn Eastham & Jo Somers (YVLGA President) - Karen Leake (YVLGA V Captain) & Jo Somers (YVLGA President) on Desk Duty

                                                                              Across the pond to the 18th - Forest of Galtres Club House

Forest of Galtres Club House


Found at Forest of Galtres 17th June 2019

If these are yours - please 'Contact Us'

                           9 HOLE TEXAS SCRAMBLE
           QUEENSBURY GC - MONDAY 3rd JUNE 2019


The 9 hole Queensbury course proved to be a little gem when 29 teams of 4 played a 9 hole Texas Scramble. Having played host to their Captain's Day on Saturday the green keeping staff maintained the excellent standards for our competition for the Sally Runton Trophy on Monday 3rd June. The very blustery winds made play interesting, but at least the sun shone all day.

The Queensbury staff, ladies and gentlemen were very helpful and welcoming. Many thanks to Lady Captain Ruth Heslop who was at the Club at 7.30 am to welcome the desk staff, played in the competition and was still there at the end. The  other Queensbury ladies who helped with greeting and general assistance. Mr Starter, Ricky Guest, who stood on the first tee for 5 hours with only one 10 minute break was an absolute star. Thanks to the caterer Barbara and her bar steward husband, Pete for coping admirably with the influx of ladies wanting refreshments.

The raffle tickets were sold by Shelagh, Eileen and Jean and their efforts raised £120.55. A cheque for £50 was presented to the Lady Captain for her charity, Cancer Research UK..

It was very nice to see the majority of the prizewinners were in the clubhouse to collect their vouchers from the YVLGA Captain, Sandra Paul, who said the Queensbury course held a special place in her heart as this was where she started her golfing career.

Joyce Slater
YVLGA Committee


1st & winners of the Sally Runton Trophy with a score of 25.5
were the Calverley team of
Helen Pears, Gill Read, Elizabeth Stobbs & Loiuse Ward

2nd - with a score of 25.7
Stephanie Binns & Jackie Turner (Crow Nest), Jane Walker (Queensbury) & Carol Arden (Halifax Bradley Hall)

3rd - with score of 26.4
were the Queensbury team of
Ruth Heslop, Helen Rhodes, Edith Henderson & Pat Holcroft.

4th - with a score of 26.7
were the Crosland Heath team of
Michelle Booth, Nancy Lightowlers, Val Goggs & Gill Travis

                  1st Helen Pears, Gill Read, Elizabeth Stobbs and Loiuse Ward                                2nd Stephanie Binns and Jackie Turner (Crow Nest);
Jane Walker (Queensbury) and Carol Arden (Halifax Bradley Hall

         3rd Ruth Heslop, Helen Rhodes, Edith Henderson and Pat Holcroft.                    4th Michelle Booth, Nancy Lightowlers, Val Goggs and Gill Travis

All pictured with 2019 YVLGA Captain Sandra Paul






HULL GC - MONDAY 13th MAY 2019


The sun shone all day on the 41 teams competing for the Ethel Hartley Trophy at Hull Golf Club on Monday 13th May. The course was in very good order & with many a compliment being paid by the 164 ladies taking part. Many thanks to Club Secretary / Professional Aaron Pheasant & his staff who looked after us, both on & off the course. Thank you also to Lady Captain Phyll Cook who arranged raffle sellers & starters for the day. Thanks to the generosity of the YVLGA members, £152.60 was raised from raffle ticket sales & a cheque for £50 was presented to the Lady Captain as a donation from the raffle proceeds for her chosen charity, Bloodwise. The remainder will go towards the Association’s annual donation to the Alison Nicholas fund which support junior golf in Yorkshire.

Karen Leake
YVLGA Vice Captain

The final scores were all very close & congratulations to all the prizewinners who were as follows:


1st & Winners of The Ethel Hartley Trophy
Denise Page(14), Linda Burnley (12), Janet Tedstone (12), Helen Lambert (13)
Wilow Valley, Willow Valley, Willow Valley & Cleckheaton GC
76 pts

2nd - Angela Bradley (24), Julie Barnsley (21), Judith Morris (15), Kathryn Wilkinson (24)
Abbeydale GC
74 pts

3rd - Clare Jenkins (15), Lyn Ellner (16), Jen Cusack (20), Shelagh Stephenson (20)
Sand Moor GC
72 pts

4th - Janet Longbottom (24), Barbara Horrocks (17), Kathy Hitchcock (22), Carole Hampson (14)
Crow Nest Park GC
72 pts

5th - Jean Mackenzie (10), Mo Thornton (15), Chris Glendinning (15), Barbara Machin (22)
Malton & Norton GC
72 pts

For Full List Of Results follow: (Link)

             Prize Winners Crow Nest Park & Malton & Norton & Lady Captain of Hull Phyll Cook all with Karen Leake YVLGA Vice Captain

                              The patio area - Team Oakdale - 2 feathered friends basking in the sun

                           The sun sets at Hull GC - Patsy Rochester (Comp Sec) & Karen Leake (Vice Captain) packing up after a long day





One hundred & eleven ladies competed in the Spring Meeting for the YVLGA Trophy at Northcliffe Golf Club. Starting at 8.30, conditions were chilly but dry. With no significant rain for some time, the course was lively & the greens were tricky but 5 ladies (Susan Mannion, Dorothy Riley, Helen Russell, Heather Cuckow & Susie Lax) scored 2s & received a sleeve of YVLGA balls each. Many thanks to everyone at Northcliffe for their help - Golf Club Manager David Miller, Professional Matthew Stanworth & all the staff. Also thanks to Club Captain Mark Heptonstall who marshalled the signature 18th hole green, with Elaine Tordoff who took care of the tee end. They kept play moving very efficiently. Lady Vice Captain Jean Lord & Club Rep Belinda Tempest & the rest of the starters kept everyone on schedule & the raffle ladies Sylvia Taylor & Barbara Cross did a great job selling tickets. The car park attendants also prevented any road rage issues throughout the day!

Karen Leake
YVLGA Vice Captain


1st & Winner of the YVLGA Trophy - Helen Russell (32) - Woodsome Hall GC - 39 pts
2nd - Sally Cottle (23) - Rawdon GC - 35 pts
3rd - Isobel Wright (29) - Pike Hills GC - 35 pts
4th - Nicola Winfield - Rawdon GC (22) - 34 pts
5th - Elizabeth Knox (19) - Hallamshire GC - 33 pts
6th - Janet Cooper (19) - Ikley GC - 33 pts

For Full List Of Results follow: (Link)

1st Helen Russell of Woodsome Hall with Shirley Needham of Oakdale and Sally Johnson of Scacroft

2nd Sally Cottle of Rawdon with Anne Eccles of Northcliffe

3rd Isobel Wright of Pike Hills with Rachel Smith of Oakdale and Boo Orman of Harrogate

4th Nicola Linfield of Rawdon with Hilary Fletcher of Northcliffe

5th Elizabeth Knox of Hallamshire with Elaine Wood of Richmond and Jennifer Cockill of York

6th Janet Cooper of Ilkley with Elaine Mackie of Crow Nest Park and Christine Burgess of Bracken Ghyll