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The last competition of the season was played on a slightly grey, chilly Monday at Thirsk and Northallerton - but there was no rain! Everyone seemed to enjoy the course, and we were made very welcome by the Steward and various gentlemen members who were in the Clubhouse.

A lot of drainage work had been carried out and people had been a little concerned that it would impact the competition but I have to say that it had been carried out to a very high standard and was of no issue whatsoever.

I would like to thank the ladies of Thirsk who helped by selling raffle tickets and the gentlemen starters : you did a fabulous job and it was much appreciated that you gave up your time to help us. Also my thanks to Joyce Slater, Jo Somers (our Lady President)) for helping on the Desk at my last event as Competition Secretary and to Sarah Arrowsmith (our Lady Captain) for being there all day too.

There should have been 78 pairs playing, but sadly one pair didn't arrive and so Sarah and I only went out for 9 holes as we had no partners, and though we had been trying to get everyone's first name as they checked in it is inevitable that the two ladies who won are some of those who we didn't!

The YVLGA Members Trophy will be presented to the winners at the YVLGA AGM at Sand Moor GC on Monday 15th October 2018

Thank you to everyone that has supported and played in all our competitions in 2018. We hope you have enjoyed them and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in 2019. Please go to NEWS page and DOWNLOAD the 2019 list of COMPETITION VENUES

Penny Holroyd
YVLGA Competition Secretary

(in brackets are 90% handicap allowances)

S Bishop (18) & C Hall (28) - Thirsk & Northallerton - 44 points

2nd - Julie Jordison (21) & Jill Johnson (25) - Brough - 39 points
3rd - Julia Samways (13) & Jean Thornton (13) - Wetherby - 38 points
4th - Su Rhodes (21) & Carol Ward (17) - Bradford - 36 points
5th - Helen Duckett (6) Sand Moor & Julia Smith (7) Rotherham - 36 points
6th - K Page (15) & Maggie Katz (16) - Wetherby - 36 points




The penultimate event of the year was a Team of 4 Am-Am Stableford held at Filey GC. There was a full field of players from all over Yorkshire. There was a threat of a sea fret on occasions but when the tide turned at 11.33am all became ok, except there was a spell of rain mid to late afternoon which some of the later players experienced. Thanks to Barbara Smith - Filey Lady Captain and all the staff at the club who looked after all our requirements admirably; the starters and the ladies selling raffle tickets. The fish and chips were fabulous! Thanks to all the 'Yorkshire Vets' helping on the desk throughout the day, made more arduous as the PC was not on top form! Congratulations to all the prize winners and the Dewsbury Centenary Trophy will be presented to the winning team from Oakdale/Hull (Karen Leake, Patsy Rochester, Joyce Slater & Alison Clark) on Monday 15th October 2018 at the YVLGA AGM at Sand Moor GC, Leeds.



1st & Winners of The Dewsbury Centenary Trophy
Kaen Leake, Patsy Rochester, Joyce Slater (all Oakdale) & Alison Clark (Hull)
84 pts (back 6 30 pts)

2nd - H Lambert, K King, J Atkin & G Travis (Cleckheaton)
84 pts (back 6 26 pts)

3rd - M Cooper, M Ryan, S Thorpe & M Jamieson (Scarborough SC)
83 pts

4th - P Henderson & L Nichol (Harrogate) & J Henderson & C Ball (Oakdale)
82 pts

5th - G Fry, V Greaves, A Simonett & J Cadman (Shipley GC)
81 pts

                             Left - Winners - Joyce Slater, Patsy Rochester, Karen Leake & Alison Clark, with Sarah Arrowsmith YVLGA Captain 2nd from left
                                                                                       Right - Karen Leake makes a winning speech!

                                                                     View up the 1st fairway and another looking out on Filey Bay

                                                                        A team waiting to tee off and a view up the 17th fairway

                                     Putting practice before playing - Jackie Starkie, Julia Smith & Sandra Paul - Looking across to Filey Brigg

           Captain, Sarah Arrowsmith with President, Jo Somers and right, Committee Member, Rosie Cleave with President, Jo Somers on desk duty

      Team of: Jackie Starkie, Helen Duckett (Treasurer), Sandra Paul (Vice Captain) & Julia Smith (Past Captain) and right a view of the Filey Clubhouse



On the tee ladies were being informed of the klaxon rules as there was a possibility of thunder storms in the area; but thought grey at times the morning players had a beautiful day. Sadly, there was the odd heavy shower in the afternoon but it didn't really dampen spirits too much. As usual our YVLGA Captain, Sarah Arrowsmith made everyone welcome, as did all the staff at Woodsome Hall GC. Thanks must go to Committee Members Rosie Cleave & Alison Mowat, Gill Travis (Acting Secretary), Sandra Paul (Vice Captain) & our Jo Somers (President) for all helping out on the desk at various parts of the day, which meant that I could pay in the competition with a friend from low Laithes GC, and then get back on the road to Richmond at a sensible hour (though the weather further north was atrocious). Congratulations to all the winners and the Trophies for the Best Gross & Best Nett scores will be presented at the YVLGA AGM at Sand Moor GC on Monday 15th October 2018.

One last little point ladies : if any of your players are not able to make it on the day can you PLEASE ask them to let me know. They can always leave a message at the relevant club and I will receive it if they do not have my number or email id. Especially in 4BBB/4'somes it causes a lot of issues for those of us organising the day

Penny Holroyd 14th August 2018


Best Gross & Winners of the Sheila Yeadon Trophy
Pat Wrightson & Sandra Paul (Huddersfield) - Gross 83

Best Nett & Winners of the Wardle Trophy
Christine Mannion & Viv Renny (Moortown) - Nett 72

2nd Nett - J Ison & R Harmer (Headingley) - Nett 73
3rd Nett - S Sykes & D Riley (Dewsbury) - Nett 75.5
4th Nett - L Barker & J Graham (Otley) - Nett 76

                                    Best Gross Sanda Paul & Pat Wrightson (missing)                                         3rd Nett S Sykes & D Riley (one player missing)
                                                                                              (Both with Sarah Arrowsmith - YVLGA Captain)




Individual Stableford Divisions 0-21 & 21-36

141 ladies played in our first 2 Division Competition, on what was a cloudy and slightly chilly day at Bradford. The course was in excellent condition and even looked green in parts. Thanks to Rosie Cleave (YVLGA Committee Member) for getting up at Silly O'clock to join Penny Holroyd (YVLGA Competitions Secretary) just after 7am at Bradford GC,  and to Alison Jackson (Bradford Ladies Captain) for arriving at 7.30am to sell the raffle tickets, and to Karen Leake (YVLGA Membership Registrar) and Patsy Rochester (YVLGA Committee Member) for taking over on the results compilation after they had both played, and sending Rosie and Penny home! Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day and congratulations to all the winners. The trophies for 1st place in each division will be presented to the winners at the YVLGA AGM at Sand Moor GC (Leeds) on Monday 15th October 2018


Division 1, 0-20 handicap
1st & Winner of the YVLGA Trophy
- S Selbie (Woodsome Hall) - 39 pts (B9 19)
2nd - J Vorster (Keighley) - 39 pts (B9 - 18)
3rd - J Harrison (Abbeydale) - 37 pts (B9 - 20)

Division 2, 21-36 handicap
1st & Winner of the YVLGA Trophy - S Lee (Bracken Ghyll) - 38 pts (B9 - 20)
2nd - S Cottle (Rawdon Golf & Lawn Tennis Club) - 38 pts (B9 15)
3rd - J Finney (Shipley) - 37 pts (B9 18)

                  Div 2 3rd - J Finney (Shipley) (rt)                        Enjoying a hard earned drink after golf!

Linda Bemrose has misplaced her ping LE 9 iron. She was out at 10.22am  so if by chance any of your ladies has picked it up and put it in their bag in error I would be very grateful if you could let me know. Very many thanks. Penny Holroyd (YVLGA Competition Seretary) .....YVLGA@hotmail.com


41 Teams played in the AmAm at Sandburn Hall GC. There were no cancellations at all on the day. It was a very warm day and felt even hotter when the sun decided to shine. There were some excellent scores due to the good conditions. Sandburn Hall looked after us all very well. Many thanks to the Starters Dave Ellis & Jerry Smith for setting everybody off on time. We were kept well fed and watered all day thanks to some lovely bar snacks and meals, a lot of which were enjoyed 'Alfresco'. Thanks to Penny Holroyd (YVLGA Competition Secretary) for starting the day off & to Sarah Arrowsmith (YVLGA Captain), Jo Somers (YVLGA President) & Helen Duckett (YVLGA Treasurer) for doing desk duties all day. Many congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who played and made the day such a success. The Dewsbury Trophy will be presented to the winning team at the YVLGA AGM at Sand Moor GC (Leeds area) on Monday 15th October 2018


1st & Winners of The Dewsbury Trophy
J Jordison(24/21), J Johnson (28/25), M Johnson (21/19), A Robinson (23/21)
85 pts

2nd - P Betteridge (13/12), K Hajba (27/24), C Lockwood (25/23), C Mosley (24/22)
84 pts (B9 - 43)

3rd - P Hague (13/12), S Senior (17/15),R Connor (17/15), A Triffit (18/16)
84 pts (B9 - 40)

4th - K Clark (8/7), A Gollogly (10/9), B Flockton (13/12), E Tucker (14/13)
84 pts (B9 - 37)

5th - G Rhodes (34/31), J Hitchcock (29/26), J Langfield (24/22), H Gatenby (33/30)
Clayton GC, Elland GC, Crow Nest Pak GC, Elland GC
83 pts (B9 - 41)

Photos to follow

A pair of sunglasses were located at Sandburn Hall - please email us on the 'Contact Us' page to both email addresses if you lost a pair there, and we will then contact you regarding them



78 pairs took part in the 4BBB Stableford on a slightly overcast day, with very fast running fairways due to the recent spell of hot and dry weather. Jackie Sedgwick had a 'Hole in One' & the YVLGA Captain, Sarah Arrowsmith presented her with a box of balls as a memento. Sarah also presented winners prizes to those who were there to receive them. As this was an additional competition, we're sorry, but there isn't a trophy for the winners. Scores were very high with the top 6 places going to pairs scoring between 41 & 45 points. Many thanks to Patsy Rochester and Joyce Slater for being on the desk all day and also thanks all the helpers on the day & congratulations to all the winners.
May we please remind everyone, that in a pairs competition if one lady pulls out for any reason and neither they nor the Competition Secretary Penny Holroyd can find a replacement, then the lady who can play has to come and mark the card.
Also may we remind you all that the maximum combined handicap limit in a pairs competition is 60. We are happy for ladies to play if their combined handicap is more, BUT the handicaps will be reduced to meet the required limit.


1st - Angela Iverson & Shelagh Adams (Cave Castle) - 45 points
2nd - Gwen Greenberry & Julie Langfield (Crow Nest Park) - 44 points (bb9)
3rd - Val Exley & Brenda Emmett (Shipley) - 44 points
4th - Jayne Daughtry & Jen Rowland (Doncaster) - 43 points (bb9)
5th - Clare Howarth & Susan Gillespie (Woodsome Hall) - 43 points
6th - Barbara Machin & Carol Wilson (Malton & Norton) - 42 points (bb9) 

Hole in One - Jackie Sedgwick (Forest Park) - on the 16th 

                                      Angela Iverson & Shelagh Adams                                                               Gwen Greenberry & Julie Langfield

Sarah Arrowsmith (L) presents Jackie Sedgwick with a box of golf balls

            OVER 65's/75's STABLEFORD - PIKE HILLS GC - MONDAY 25th JUNE 2018 


132 ladies played in the Over 65's & Over 75's Stableford on a very hot day. A few ladies had to leave the course early, overcome by the heat of the sun. The greens were described as very quick and were the subject of much discussion in the clubhouse. This was was due to them being ironed yesterday in readiness for Captain's Day and were certainly causing some consternation! The pace of play slowed in the afternoon - a combination of the heat, unfamiliarity with the course, & with respect the average age of the competitiors and was a source of frustration for some ladies. Several competitiors dropped out on the day, but the ladies on the desk were only informed when their fellow club members turned up and relayed a message. This resulted in a few 2's in the middle of the field, but was unavoidable. Many thanks to the ladies of Pike Hills GC in organising everything for the day - from starters to raffle ticket sellers etc. Thanks also to the catering staff for providing excellent snacks and meals and wonderful cakes! The caterer having arrived at 7.30am, was still going strong over 12 hours later. Thanks to Karen Leake (YVLGA Membership Registrar) and Joyce Slater (Committee Member) for looking after the desk all day and to Jo Somers (YVLGA President) for chivvying the last few groups for their cards so that all the results could be compiled and the competition closed. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered and played the competition


1st & Winner of the Over 65's Jean Gordon Trophy - H Gore (17) -  Ilkley - 39 points

2nd - D Walker (21) - Hollins Hall - 38 points
3rd - J Wainman (26) - Alwoodley - 36 points
4th - C Atack (17) - Garforth - 36 points
5th - M Moxon (31) - Forest of Galtres - 34 points
6th - C Cocker (26) - Scarcroft - 34 points

Winner of the Over 75's Rosie Hickie Trophy - Carol Atack (17) - Garforth - 36 points

     Hazel Gore with Sarah Arrowsmith (YVLGA Cptn)   Carol Atack with Sarah Arrowsmith (YVLGA Cptn)  Carol Atack with Jo Somers (YVLGA President)

                   Rotherham Ladies enjoying the 'Apres Golf'                                                      More ladies enjoying the 'Apres Golf"

                        ........ and more ladies enjoying the 'Apres Golf'                                         All day desk workers Joyce Slater (left) & Karen Leake (right)
                                                                                                                                                                 Jo Somers (YVLGA President centre)




26 teams played on the day at Hanging Heaton in the new 9 Hole Competition format of a Texas Scramble. Playing conditions were warm and sunny. The handicap allowance was 1/10th of total handicaps with a limit of 120. Many thanks to the Starter Stuart Wailes, who was there all day. Also to the raffle ticket sellers and all the staff at Hanging Heaton GC who looked after everyone very efficiently. Thanks also due to Karen Leake (YVLGA Membership Registrar) and Patsy Rochester (YVLGA Committee Member) for all day desk duties. A very big thank you to all the ladies who entered and played in this competition and congratulations to all the winners. We hope that you enjoyed a 'different' format for a change



R Andrews, E Jobes (both Crosland Heath), E Stobbs, H Pears (both Calverley) - 21.9 net

2nd - C Hope, M Gibson, C Nailer, D Wrightson (Shipley) - 24.2 net
3rd - C Mannion, S Mannion, P Mannion, S Emmett (Moortown) - 26 net
4th - K Batty, J Lawrence, J Woods, J Garritt (Howley Hall) - 26.2 net






Having driven from Richmond to Brough in early morning fog, I was very relieved to get to the course & find glorious sunshine - & that was how the day stayed. We had a full field of 80 pairs going out from 8.30am until 3.00pm - a long day for all, but everyone seemed to enjoy the course & the welcome provided by all at Brough Golf Course. Certainly Rosie Cleave (Committee Member), Alison Mowat (Committee Member) & I could not have been made more welcome by Ann (Lady Captain), & Julia (YVLGA Rep), Wes & all his staff.
A couple of things for all players to note for future competitions.....
..... Please remember if you're playing off 90% to check the stroke index/points received
..... When checking your card please make sure that the scores have been entered into the right column


Winners of the YVLGA Trophy

J Henderson & L Holt (Oakdale) (13/18) - 41 points

2nd - J Crane & H Hughes (Halifax Bradley Hall) (24/24) - 40 points (on countback)
3rd - A Haygarth & J Armitage (Woodsome Hall) (19/19) - 40 points
4th - L Jones & C Wilson (Malton & Norton) (9/15) - 39 points (on countback)
5th - R Connor & S Bellion (Malton & Norton) (15/20) - 39 points (on countback)
6th - C Mannion & V Renny (Moortown) (16/14)  - 39 points (on countback)
(Handicap allowances in brackets after club name)

Report by Penny Holroyd (YVLGA Competition Secretary)



The first YVLGA Competition of 2018 was held at Wheatley GC (Doncaster). 108 ladies of handicaps 17 and above played an Individual Stableford off full handicap, on what became a lovely day to play golf with a little breeze, some sunshine & not the cold that we've experienced of late. Unfortunately temporary greens were order of the day, with large bucket holes, but this didn't seem to deter many ladies as some fantastic scores were returned. Maryla Gledhill from Scarcroft came in with a marvellous score of 46 points to win the YVLGA Trophy. Ground conditions underfoot were good & there were many very favourable comments on what a delightful course Wheatley was & how much people had enjoyed playing it. The caterers continued all day to provide some delicious snacks & meals. The half way house offerings were prounounced excellent, especially the scones with jam & cream. This was the fist time the laptop had been used fully from start to finish for a competition, from the check in stage & application of handicaps, to the posting of cards into the system & the ultimate rolling results list. All went very smoothly & the latest results were always available to view. The YVLGA Captain Sarah Arrowsmith presented cheques to the Wheatley Ladies Captain for the course & gratuities. All the staff at Wheatley made us all feel most welcome. Many thanks to the Wheately Ladies for looking after the Raffle Sales so well, to the Starters for keeping the order of play going on the 1st tee & taking photos, to Penny Holroyd (Vets Comp Secretary), Helen Duckett (Vets Treasurer) & Karen Leake (Vets Registrar) for looking after the desk duties. There were 6 prize places with results as follows..... & as there are no prize presentations the YVLGA Trophy will be officially presented at the YVLGA AGM at Sand Moor GC on Monday 15th October 2018

 1st & Winner of the YVLGA Trophy - Maryla Gledhill (30) - Scarcroft GC - 46 points
2nd - Carol Wilson (17) - Malton & Norton GC - 43 points
3rd - Heather Hughes (30) - Halifax Bradley Hall GC - 41 points (on countback)
4th - Maureen Turnbull (17) - York GC - 41 points
5th - Christine Schlegel (20) - Oakdale GC - 40 points (on countback
6th - Karen Hajba (27) - Forest Park - 40 points (on countback)

                                       Maryla Gledhill                                                        Carol Wilson                                                            Heather Hughes

                                     MaureenTurnbull                                                     Christine Schlegel                                                  Karen Hajba