Challenge Bowl (Foursomes Strokeplay)

A.K.A. The Wardle Trophy

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This was originally the Wardle Trophy, presented in 1933 by Mrs E Wardle (Awoodley)
At this time she was Vice President of the Y.V.L.G.A. The trophy was originally designated for various silver division competitions but began to be played as a Foursomes Competition in 1955
Unfortunately due to damage a replacement trophy was provided in 1973 and the names engraved from 1955
Foursomes Strokeplay played at the Captain's home club


 1955  Mrs Pickles, Mrs Fox (Northcliffe)
 1991  Mrs M D Green, Mrs J Ward (Huddersfield)
 1956  Mrs Millward, Mrs Tate (Sand Moor)
 1992  Mrs J Hardy, Mrs M Webster (Hornsea)
 1957  Mrs Clough, Mrs Duffon (Shipley)
 1993  Mrs D H Kay, Mrs J D Lockett (Hallamshire)
 1958  Mrs Smith, Mrs Otley (Wakefield)
 1994  Mrs E S Hawkins, Miss B Dale (Ilkley)
 1959  Mrs Emmerson, Mrs Rayner (Woodhall Hills)
 1995  Mrs I P Asker, Mrs S A Twigg (Silsden)
 Mrs Youdan, Mrs White (Wakefield)
 1996  Mrs A Endeacott, Mrs H S Hyde (Bradford)
 1961  Mrs Earnshaw, Mrs Illingworth (Shipley)
 1997  Mrs C M Lewis, Mrs D Mewburn (Hornsea)
 1962  Mrs Swales, Mrs Dickenson (Keighley)
 1998  Mrs J Donkin, Mrs L Castle (Meltham)
 1963  Mrs Booth, Mrs Gill (Ilkley)
 Mrs C A Philip, Mrs J A Redmayne (Lightcliffe)
 1964  Mrs Cawood, Mrs Smith (Ilkley)
 2000  Mrs A King, Mrs D Brunsden (Driffield)
 1965  Mrs Sharp, Mrs Shann (West Bradford)
 2001  Mrs A Kennedy, Mrs A Skerrett (Scarcroft)
 1966  Mrs Ward, Mrs Somerville (Scarcroft)
 2002  Mrs A Williamson, Mrs C Willems (Harrogate)
 1967  Mrs Hark, Mrs Holmes (Garforth)
 2003  Mrs J Ivey, Mrs G Griffiths (Hallamshire)
 1968  Mrs Latham, Mrs Danby (Garforth)
 2004  Mrs K M Kershaw, Mrs C Greenhalgh (Horsforth)
 1969  Mrs Wild, Mrs Hart (Bridlington)
 2005  Mrs E Booth (Longley Pk), Mrs J A Dalton(Meltham)
 1970  Mrs L Stirk (Alwoodley), Mrs M Rhodes (Pannal)
 2006  Mrs G Godfrey, Mrs E Smales (Ganstead Park)
 1971  Mrs Stringer, Mrs Latham (Garforth)
 2007  Mrs K Smith, Mrs C Taylor (Forest Park)
 1972  Mrs E Ward, Mrs Hawthorthwaite (Scarcroft)
 2008  Mrs C Kirk (Ganton), Mrs S Paul (Huddersfield)
 1973  Mrs E Blackburn, Mrs G Harrison (Wakefield)
 2009  Mrs J Petch, Mrs B Harryman (Pike Hills)
 J Murphy, K Helliwell (Huddersfield)
 2010  Mrs M Bleasdale, Mrs H Frankland (Harrogate)
 1975  Mrs S Goldthorpe, Mrs E Wilkinson (Leeds)
 2011  Mrs M Marrs (Hessle), Mrs J Thorpe (Bondhay)
 1976  Mrs A Andrews, Miss P M Sutcliffe (Harrogate)
 2012  C Hirst, J Highley (Pontefract)
 1977  Mrs R Hardy, Miss C Anderson (Moortown)
 2013  J Barber, L Dudley (The Manor)
 1978  Mrs R Hardy, Miss C Anderson (Moortown)
 2014  P Holroyd, D Furby (Richmond)
 1979  Mrs J Hardy, Mrs J Stocks (Howley Hall)
 2015  G Palmer, V Welch (Rotherham)
 1980  Mrs N Parker, Mrs W D Webster (Shipley)
 2016  S Porter, R Coppin (Selby)
 1981  Mrs D A Walker, Mrs M Steel (Headingley)
 2017  C Hampson, K Hitchcock (Crow Nest Park)
 1982  Mrs R Young, Mrs R Gregory (Wakefield)
 2018  Joyce Slater & Penny Baxter (Oakdale)
 1983  Mrs M Witard, Miss G Rhodes (Shipley Northcliffe)
 2019  Bet Sworowski (Wakefield) & Jackie Barraclough (Cleckheaton)
 1984  Mrs M Porton, Mrs J Weiner (Moor Allerton)
 2020  Not played - Covid 19
 1985  Mrs M Wilson, Mrs J Stocks (Bradley Hall)
 2021  Bet Sworowski (Wakefield) & Jackie Barraclough (Cleckheaton
 1986 Mrs F Rutter & Miss D M Hobson (Hillsborough) 2022 Sally Cottle & Nicola Linfield (Rawdon)
 1987 Mrs N Woodcock & Mrs P M Sykes (Huddersfield  
 1988 Mrs E N Hirst & Mrs E W Porritt (Meltham)  
 1989 Mrs R A Calvert & Mrs G W Brown (Moortown(  
 1990 Mrs D M Calder & Mrs A E Pollock (Huddersfield)